Litigation and Arbitration

In litigation and arbitration matters, we are a small but powerful force. Our practice includes significant experience in commercial arbitration, as well as civil and commercial litigation both in Mexico and the rest of the world:


Commercial Arbitration

Del Castillo y Castro Abogados is one of the few law firms in Mexico with significant experience in arbitration.  Our attorneys have participated in some of the most important commercial arbitrations of Mexico’s current history. We have handled both local and international arbitrations including civil, commercial, construction and insurance cases.

We represent clients in matters before the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the National Chamber of Commerce of Mexico City (CANACO), the Arbitration Center of Mexico (CAM) and other institutions that administer arbitration proceedings, including those of a public nature such as the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (CONDUSEF). Several lawyers in our firm are members of renowned national and international arbitration institutions, such as the ICC and CANACO.


Our most recent recent cases include:


Tesla Inc.

  • Co-counsel for Tesla Inc. in connection to the arbitration proceedings brought by Diaz Arelle v. Tesla Inc.


Vasconia Group

  • Lawyers forthe Vasconia Group during arbitration proceedings against LAG Laminati Aluminio Gallarate SPA (LAG Laminati Aluminum Gallarate SPA) and AL Met Invest SA.


High-Profile Energy Company

  • We represented a high-profile energy company in a million-dollar international arbitration conducted under the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Rules governing EPC turnkey contracts.


High-profile Manufacturing Company

  • Del Castillo y Castro Abogados represented a high-profile manufacturing company for the international arbitration on a claim for damages, carried out under the Regulations of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) governing share purchase contracts.


Global Manufacturer

  • We advised a global manufacturer during the arbitration of a compensation for damages claim. This was carried out under the Arbitration Rules of the National Chamber of Commerce of Mexico City (CANACO). This is one of the first instances of the new Mexican constitutional interpretations of punitive damages being applied during arbitration.


Mexican Investment Firm During international Arbitration

  • We represented a Mexican investment firm during an international arbitration process conducted under the Rules of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in connection to a claim for the calculation of future profits arising from the conclusion of a share purchase agreement.


Civil and Commercial Litigation

Our litigation practice focuses on judicial disputes involving domestic and international corporations in a broad range of matters such as: real estate, corporate, contractual, indebtedness (foreclosures, commercial executives, etc.), insolvency, insurance and bonds, among others.

We also offer preventive litigation advice. This is why this area is in constant coordination with our other practice areas, particularly our corporate practice during the negotiation of contracts and transactions. We also advise our clients when disputes arise, either with individuals or the authorities.

Our litigation attorneys have extensive experience in the resolution of disputes, both in the extrajudicial area, and before jurisdictional authorities, whether state or federal, such as the Unitary Circuit Courts and Collegiate Circuit Courts and including the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation.


Our most relevant cases include:


Banco Mercantil del Norte (Commercial Bank of the North)

  • Representation of Banco Mercantil del Norte during an enforcement proceeding.


M+W High Tech Projects Mexico and Beiersdorf Manufacturing Mexico

  • Representation of M+W High Tech Projects Mexico and Beiersdorf Manufacturing Mexico as defendants during an ordinary commercial trial initiated by a subcontractor.


Mexican Construction and Real Estate Company

  • We represented a Mexican company dedicated to construction and real estate during the commercial trial initiated by the widow of a former shareholder in a multimillion-dollar lawsuit in Mexican pesos.


Grupo Kuo (Kuo Group)

  • Representation of Grupo Kuo in a commercial proceeding initiated against Inmobiliaria Bacanmexicana (Bacanmexicana Real Estate Company).


Global Travel and Leisure Company

  • Advising a global travel and leisure company on various claims for defamation damages, including obtaining injunctive relief.


Dispute under the Rules of the London Court of International Arbitration

  • Representation of the claimant during an arbitration under the rules of the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA), This concerned a public entity of the state in a dispute involving around US$14 million.


Leading Mexican  Auto Parts Company with Presence in Europe and Asia

  • Representation of a leading Mexican company, with presence in Europe and Asia, which manufactures and markets auto parts and cast aluminum parts for the automotive industry. This was during a dispute arising from a contract for the sale of shares, under the rules of the ICC. The company was acquitted of the hundreds of millions of pesos claim.

Investment Company under ICC Rules

  • Successful representation of a controlling investment company and two of its Mexican subsidiaries during an international arbitration procedure under the rules of the ICC.  An international investment fund was sued for a contract for the sale of shares. We managed to secure a declaration of release of responsibility for the payment of more than one hundred million pesos.